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For over 30 years, Martens & Associates has provided consultation, training, education, evaluations, investigation services, and treatment in the field of family violence.

We developed one of the first long-term treatment programs in North America (the Yellowhead Family Sexual Abuse Treatment Program--also known as the Hinton Model) that works with the entire family system where incest and child sexual abuse has occurred. Our treatment model has been accepted in Canada as an alternative to incarceration for sex offenders and domestic violence perpetrators.

Today, Martens & Associates provides a wide range of services, including program evaluations, outcome measures development and administration, community-based evaluations, training and workshops, policy manual development, and board member and Executive Director evaluations and training (see Services).

Custom Workshops Are Available

Martens & Associates provides custom made workshops and training for small, medium, and large groups. This custom designed training can be provided in a number of well-defined topics. An important aspect of this training is that we can provide it within your community. This can be a significant cost savings for agencies wanting to train their staff.

Small groups: 1-40 people

Medium groups: 40-100 people

Large groups: 100-500 people

What others are saying about us

"Martens and Associates is a leading edge education, treatment and community development company in Aboriginal and community response to sexual and physical abuse in Canada."

Dr. Maggie Hodgson, Special Advisor Residential Schools